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Top 11 Benefits of Having a website

Now a days people are mostly active in Search engine actively searching for the product or services they are looking for, if customers can’t find you online it’s more like you are losing the opportunity of your sales growth and it is also considered as lack of credibility. Today, having a company website is very crucial as having a office, shop or contact number. Researches saying more than 72% of customers expect brands to have their business website.  as customer is king, meeting the customer expectation is highly needed when you run a business.   here are 11 reasons that will leave you wondering why you should have a website if you are running a Businesses of any size.


#1 Website work for you 24/7. No Employee will do that

Business Having an own website means you are always accessible to your customers anytime, anywhere.  Even on your non business hours, your website continues work for you thus you can attract and find new customers. It offers the user satisfaction and comfort as they can access the information they need in their convenience. nowadays More than 80% of the companies have their own business due to the reason your competitors have the online presence. staying offline in the digital word is actually is an added advantages to the opportunity growth of your competitors online.

# 2 Website increase credibility

In this digital world, there is a minimum expectation for any reputable company to have a well-designed business website. Generally, customers distrust any business brands that didn’t have a telephone number or a physical address, the same can be said for not having a website and business email address. People are Continuously browsing; they are searching in the web world for what they need. It may be a product, information, service or whatever. As the website act as information source of your business, having a good quality user friendly website makes your customers feel comfortable, they will assume they can expect the same quality experience in all areas of your business.

#3 Competitors Online

It is crucial that no opportunities are missed due to lack of competency. Now a days most of the companies have a business website! imagine what will be the customers choice if the customers unable to find you online and the same time your competitors exhibit themself? If you don’t have a website, it is highly likely that your competitor will do, which means that you are missing out on gaining customers attraction or new customers.

#4 Website will act as a source of Information

Main usage of a website is to act as an information source between the company and its audience. You can exhibit your products, services, locations, list your opening hours, contact information, offers etc. using websites. Also chat sessions and contact forms to facilitate enquiries from the public or feedback from existing customers.  a website is an excellent tool to build your reputation as an authority in your niche. Having a well-managed blog section on your website with informative and attractive articles can give more information to the public and also it can generate a good amount of traffic to your website. Doing such act your website is not only acting a s a source of information but also leading users to your site thus you can generate new customers too.  According to many public surveys, more than 70 % of consumers reported a blog influencing end users a lot for their decision to make a purchase.


# 5 Accelerate your business Growth Opportunity

A website doesn’t have geographical barriers As it is visible and accessible to everyone globally, Anyone form any country at any time will be able to find your company using your website, which means the opportunity to expand your business globally is not at all a problem, and you can find customers globally from anywhere in the world.


# 6 More Informed Customers

As the information exchange center a website already conveyed about your company and its product or services or the basic information to users. There is no need to tell customers about the basic of the products or service or about your company by a staff as the website already conveyed Such information.  If customer is not at your store, you can guide them to your website if they have to know any additional information. more informed customers can be a very potential buyer easily without much effort from your marketing staffs.

#7 Advertising

Apart from the website social media platforms and search engine marketing give you the power to reach potential customers with much more accuracy, this accuracy is much easier with the support od a website. SEO and online advertising are a easy and cost effective way to create about the awareness of your company. if it’s done correctly quality traffic to your website can increase effectively and generate more new business effectively. Using AdWords and SEO Be the first company that a user sees when searching for a specific product or service in the internet.

8 # Generate Consumer Insight and Leads Online

Analytic tools like search console, Google Analytic, Google Tag Manager etc. allow you to identify who your typical customer is, what they like, how they reach or fund you etc. such information you can use to maximize the ROI. The data given by this analytics tool can help the marketing team to find and fix the errors to make sure you are in the right track for finding customers, this can also help your team to decide what a customer really expecting from you so that you can customize your offers and campaign to easily convert your customers.

# 9 Open the possibilities of SEO

More than 80 % of the global population is using internet and they are actively searching in internet for what they looking for. When you search online through search engines, you can see a list of websites with relevant answers to your query, there are the organic listing of website based on their ranking. This ranking can be easily achieved through the practice called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which you can apply to your company website to generate quality traffic to your website and generating new sales.

# 10 Save Money on Printing

In traditional marketing Paper catalogs and brochures can be helpful to attaining customers, but these are not cost effective these days. Other than the printing cost the main challenge is that the change of information, once the brochure is print, it is not possible to change, the only way is to print the new one and it is not budgetive all time. When it comes to website, It is much easier to change all relevant info on your website easily with by avoiding this printing cost as most of the website are built in CMS now a days which facilitate the common people to edit content in your website without much technical knowledge.

# 11 Quicker Referrals

When your business comes up in a conversation in middle a user or a friend or a former customer or anyone who has interest on your business, the easiest thing you can do is to refer them to the relevant page of your website which has the right information as answer to their query. If you have online users are very likely to find you rapidly.